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Humans have a collection of deep instincts, and conscious desires.

The deep instincts operate more or less subconsciously.

Our conscious desires are kind of how those are represented up on the surface.

You don't have to remember to get hungry.

If you don't eat, that will happen automatically.

But it's up to you and your conscious brain to figure out HOW to satisfy that desire.

For something simple like eating, the transition from subconscious instinct, to conscious desire, to action, to satisfaction happens pretty automatically.

To the extent ALL our subconscious instincts can go through this process, life is pretty good.

Our basic instincts are pretty simple.

We need food.

We need to stay within a certain temperature range.

We need emotional acceptance from others.

We need to do things, and get recognition for our efforts.

We need sex.

Take away any of these for long, and life can get lonely, frustrating, and difficult.

But within these deep needs is also a possible way to satisfy those needs.

Since most people will never be hungry and NOT know how to fix that, we can focus on the rest.

It turns out that if you satisfy ONE of those needs, it can trigger all the rest.

The more recognition you get from others, for doing things that they value, the more of other things you'll get.

Namely, sexual and emotional intimacy, as well as respect and admiration from your social group.

You get all these satisfied, you've got it made.

So, how do you do that, specifically?

The first step is to get a bunch of memories in your brain that says people like and appreciate you.

Most people don't have that.

Most people have a mix of fear and apprehension.

So when they walk into work, a social situation or an unknown crowd, there's a mix of anticipation and anxiety.

But with a long memory of people looking at you with admiration and respect, you'll soon learn to EXPECT that.

Not from any false memories, but from real experiences.

The money question, of course, is do you CREATE those real experiences.

How do you interact with people so they will look at you with admiration and respect?

Even better, how do you interact with people so when you leave, they look at you with admiration, respect and an obvious desire for you to hang around longer?

So you build up a strong positive memory that says people WANT you around.

People want you to STAY around.

You do that by accurately pacing the things YOU KNOW exist in the brain.

And accept and validate those things.

This is the true secret.

Figure out what YOU want most from others.

And then give THAT to others first.

Do that, and you will want for nothing.

Learn How:


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