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Some jokes are funny and hit you very quickly.

These are the playground joked we've all heard as kids.

Short riddles, that have something called a "phonetic ambiguity" in the answer.

What did the beach say when the tide came in?

Long time no sea/long time no see.

These are best when heard, and not read.

Since you hear the two meanings at once.

It takes very little brain energy to understand the joke.

This is why they are considered "cute" and more for kids.

If you tried to tell this joke at a party hoping to impress a bunch of investors, it would not work.

There are some jokes that are a little more stretched out.

The kind that take a little bit more brain power to understand.

Still based on a kind of linguistic ambiguity.

Like the famous Groucho Marx joke:

Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know.

Because the joke requires you go back in time slightly and recalibrate your understanding of the phrase, "in my pajamas," it's a slightly more "grownup" kind of humor.

Much longer jokes are based on a continuous "funny feeling" in your brain.

Well written comedies, for example, have a kind of low level comedy energy throughout.

This is very hard to do.

For every one comedy that keeps you in stitches, there are many more that are pretty lame.

You can do the same thing with compliments.

You can use the easy to think, easy to say, and easy to understand compliments.

These are the kind that pretty much everybody uses.

Nice shoes.

Wow, you're really pretty!

You have gorgeous eyes!

But you can also give compliments just like you can give humor.

Humor is for anybody within earshot.

Compliments are directed at somebody.

So the more effort you make in your compliment, the more they'll resonate in your target.

The more personal your compliments are, the more they'll feel them on a much deeper level.

These types of compliments can't be memorized.

But they also send a much more powerful message to the receiver.

That you see BEYOND what everybody else sees.

Everybody can easily see, and appreciate their eyes, shoes, etc.

But few are willing to take the time to really SEE them.

The more effort you put in to noticing something about them, the more they'll appreciate you.

Even better if you see something that falls under three important categories.

One, is it is something they LIKE about themselves.

Two, it is something nobody else has noticed.

Three, it is something that makes them unique in some way.

Hit all three, and they will NEVER forget you.


Learn How:


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