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One common problem both salespeople and social persuaders have is an inability to close.

Sales people can give the most fantastic presentations ever, but when it comes to the close, they flounder.

Guys and girls can talk a great game, but when it comes time to close, it goes sideways.

Both people feel it.

Both people know that SOMEBODY should say something.

But both sit there, mumbling and suddenly avoiding eye contact.

"So, uh, yea, wow, gee..."

There are two ways to get around this common problem.

One is to ALWAYS close.

Close everywhere and often.

This, however, is only a superficial solution.

It's kind of like ripping a bandage off.

It's painful, and you want to get it over with.

This is the basic philosophy of number closing everybody who looks in your direction.

It kind of, sort of, makes it SEEM like you are being confident.

If you tell your buddies you number closed twenty girls in the past weekend, they'd be impressed.

After all, most guys are terrified of number closing ONCE, let alone twenty times.

But when you look at the stats, they aren't really that great.

You ask twenty girls for their number.

Fifteen politely decline.

Four gave you a number only because they were too shy to say no.

That one who was actually interested, was really only interested in the moment.

You impressed her with your confidence, your focus, your lack of anxiety.

But since that attraction was built QUICKLY, it dissipated quickly.

So when you call her a day or so later, she might not even remember you.

So, yeah, while number closing twenty girls a week is pretty cool from a confidence, brag to your buddies angle, it's pretty ineffective if you actually want to MEET people.

If you want to slowly expand your social circle, and get to KNOW people, number closing everybody with a pulse is not the way to do it.

Consider doing the OPPOSITE.

This is counter intuitive.

This is a LONG GAME strategy.

This will build up your REAL confidence.

The deep confidence that isn't temporary.

The kind of deep confidence that naturally radiates from you when you are ordering a slice of pizza or asking the waitress for a refill on your diet coke.

How can you BUILD this confidence?

By practicing hit and run compliments.

But not OBVIOUS compliments.

Not compliments about how they look, or how pretty their eyes are.

Compliments about their choices, their decisions.

Compliments about THEM.

That indicate you see them more deeply than everybody else.

What will make these particularly powerful is if you deliver them with linguistic presuppositions.

These will make them radiate in their mind much longer.

Walk up, deliver the compliment, smile and keep walking.

This will create a massive number of memories in your brain.

Of people looking at YOU and wanting more.

This will add up to a deep and REAL belief that people WANT you.

This is something few people will EVER experience.

Learn How:


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