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There's a pretty cool technique from covert hypnosis.

It's called "blurred realities."

It's when you are quoting somebody, but it's not clear who.

This can create a sense of confusion.

Confusion is kind of like taking up brain processor resources, so you can slip ideas into their brain more easily.

For example, if you walked up to a really cute girl and said:

"I think you're pretty. I think you should give me your phone number."

It would be absolutely clear what was going on.

Saying that directly, unless you were super confident, would make you nervous.

Hearing that directly, unless SHE was super confident, would make her nervous.

Nervousness tends to HEIGHTEN the conscious critic.

On the other hand, supposed you walked up and said this:

"Hi, you remind me of my brother's wife. When they meet he walked right up, looked her in the eye and said, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, I think we should be together."

This is also referred to as the "quotes pattern."

It allows you to say some blatant things to people with absolute plausible deniability.

Another way to use the blurred reality is to tell a bunch of stories within a bunch of stories.

And inside one of the nested stories, one character is talking to another character.

But the things that character says to the other character also hold true other stories around that middle story.

They also can work between the story teller and the story listener.

This will give the listeners are very slippery feeling their brain.

It is a very real, very unexpected, and very fuzzy hypnotic effect.

And it will make you, the storyteller, seemingly capable of real magic.

But there's also another way to use the blurred reality technique.

Start to talk about your own abstract feelings and emotions.

Not just the direct emotions, but emotions about emotions, and judgments about emotions.

This takes some courage, since you'll need to look inside and explore your own emotions.

But here's the cool part.

We ALL, more or less, have those same emotions and meta emotions.

So when you talk about your own emotions, you can apply the blurred reality technique.

By deliberately using your pronouns in a specific way, even though YOU are talking about, and referencing YOUR OWN inner emotions, the other person will start to believe you are reading their minds.

Which will make you seem like a much more powerful wizard.

A mind reading wizard.

Something most people only believe exist in movies and comic books.

But there you are.

In the flesh, performing real magic.

Learn How:


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