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A common idea in psychology is separation anxiety.

This idea can be very helpful.

People who tend more toward metaphysics see this as source of all human pain.

Intuitively, we feel a lack of connection.

Once upon a time, according to the metaphysicians, we were once a kind of universal consciousness.

And since we think we are separate entities, in this physical body, we feel separated.

We can't remember what it was like to feel our original connection to one another.

This idea pops up a lot in self help.

And it does make a bit of sense.

When you approach a stranger, if see them through a frame of "separateness" that will increase your anxiety.

That if you approach them as a friend, you will feel much more open, make a much stronger connection, and have a much better chance of getting whatever it is you are after.

On the other hand, while this advice sounds good, it's kind of hard to apply.

It's like telling people to "just" NOT be afraid.

Or telling people it's easy to lose weight, because all you need to do is be hungry and NOT eat.

This is essentially the problem with most self help ideas.

The ideas SOUND fantastic, but only from a metaphorical, theoretical side.

If you go to a seminar, and listen to some guru go on and on about how we really are all connected, it SOUNDS fantastic.

But how, specifically, are you supposed to apply that when you want to walk across the room and attempt to seduce the most gorgeous girl in the place?

Once upon a time a guy went to a seminar.

It was three days of fantastic preaching about universal love and inter-connectedness.

When he left he was in the best mood ever.

He thought, since he was now, "enlightened," everything would be smooth sailing.

Then he got bit by a dog.

He went back and complained to the seminar guru.

"If I was enlightened, why'd the dog bite me? Aren't we all connected?" he demanded.

The seminar guru responded:

"Yes, you are enlightened, you are connected to everything. But the dog didn't know that."

Just making assumptions about our inter-connectedness won't do much.

What will do something?

Actually finding EVIDENCE of our inter-connectedness.

Sharing that evidence with others.

It's much easier than most people realize.

With a little bit of practice, you can learn to read what people are thinking just by their body language.

And when you casually mention that, what's going on in their mind, THEY will feel a strong connection.

With YOU.

Learn How:

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