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A very powerful law of influence, which operates outside of conscious awareness, is commitment and consistency.

This is the psychology behind sales funnels.

This is why it's hard to change your mind once you've stated your opinion publicly.

One reason why this law is so powerful is it conserves thinking.

Our brains are very powerful, but they are huge energy hogs.

We don't like to think if we don't have to.

This is why doing things that are familiar are so comfortable.

If you had a choice between riding your bicycle up and over a huge hill, or riding around that same hill, most normal people would ride around the hill.

Riding around the hill would take less energy, and therefore be more pleasant, than riding up and over the hill.

When we go out to eat, for example, we tend to stick to familiar choices.

Going to a new restaurant, and looking over a new menu, and taking a risk on a new dish, would be like riding over a huge hill.

That takes a lot of mental energy.

On the other hand, ordering something you KNOW is going to taste good takes very little energy.

So, we tend to choose the mentally easier choice.

Especially if the MAIN reason for going out to eat is to enjoy some friendly conversations with friends.

If you go somewhere new, that would take energy away from your pleasant conversations.

This is also why we are much more reserved around strangers.

We have to be careful what we say and how we act.

If you reveal too much too quickly, you might kill any chances of a happy friendship or romantic relationship.

Since knowing what and when to reveal things is mostly a conscious process, it is very brain intensive.

So talking to new people is like riding over a huge hill.

Hanging out with friends is like riding around and enjoying the view.

Imagine if you met somebody who did ALL the work.

They did all the talking.

They somehow knew you.

They knew the REAL you.

Not only did they know the REAL you, but they accepted the real you.

They appreciated the real you.

And they did all this in a way that required very LITTLE of your brain energy.

And they made it very clear they DID NOT want nor expect anything from you.

They weren't trying to get you to join their MLM group or get you to join their cult.

They were just being friendly.

How would you feel about that person?

More importantly, how can you BE that person?

Learn How:


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