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I had this crazy nightmare once.

I told my friend about it, but then I forgot.

Later, he told me a story that matched my nightmare perfectly.

He knew that I'd forgotten.

As he was explaining it, he phrased it as if it was something that was about to happen.

For a while, I was freaked out.

I thought I was trapped in some kind of inter-dimensional rift.

Finally I told him that what he'd just described was exactly like a dream I'd had.

I thought maybe I'd tapped into some time travel, telepathic, future prediction dream technique.

He started laughing and told me what had happened.

That he was essentially telling me what I'd told him a couple weeks ago, but forgot.

While he was telling me, it was like reality had broken.

After he told me that I'd told him before, and forgot, I felt like an idiot.

He, of course, thought it was pretty funny.

And it was.

After I got over my fear of the universe being broken, I thought it was pretty funny as well.

The reason it was a horrifying experience for me was because the dream itself had been about magnificent death and destruction.

Had the dream been about rock star sex parties, it would have been a much, much more enjoyable experience.

This is EXACTLY why people love going to see psychics.

We all have the same basic fears and desires.

But since most of us rarely take time to look at these in detail, they live very vaguely in our subconscious.

But with a little bit of practice, you can learn to "read" people's fears and desires.

Describe their future in terms of these deep dreams.

Of course, how you do this will have a HUGE impact on how they feel about you.

If you deliver these readings as common things we all share, they won't have much of an impact.

But if  you deliver them as if you are noticing something very unique about them, they will be FASCINATED.

Fascinated in your ability to read them to accurately.

Fascinated that you've discovered their unique dreams.

This will make them feel very good.

Better than they have in a long, long time.

Perhaps the best they've felt in their adult lives.

If you deliver these correctly, they will associate this good feeling with you.

Which, of course, you can leverage however you like.

Learn How:


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