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Imagine this scenario.

You're at a party or social gathering.

Bar, pub, club, etc.

You see a cute girl or guy across the room.

They're flirting with you.

You're flirting with them.

You've exchanged eye contact a few times.

Flirty, quick, coupled with a slight, perhaps embarrassed smile.

From a purely objective standpoint, it's on.

On like Donkey Kong.

But from inside your own subjective brain, it's kind of like what old school announcer for the Lakers, Chick Hearn used to say:

"Ladies and gentlemen it's nervous time at the Forum!"

This is a problem with humans.

Objectively, things are easy.

Subjectively, those very same things are terrifying.

Without question, the most common thing that keeps us frozen is the age old question:

"What do I say?"

You know there is some deep, subconscious, even animal attraction.

But it would be a bit silly to just walk over, get closer to them and only stare.

It would be even worse to walk over and say:


Uh, hi.

And then stand there and stare.

A common response is to memorize a bunch of lines and patterns.

Even some short term personality behaviors.

This can work, but once you run out of memorized material, you're back in the same situation.

The more importance you place on them, the harder this is.

Job interviews, asking your boss for a raise, talking a cute girl or guy into becoming interested enough to exchange numbers.

Anxiety is like crippleware on your computer.

As soon as anxiety kicks in, it sucks up all your thinking resources.

But what if you KNEW what they were thinking?

What if you KNEW what they wanted, and what they didn't want?

Sherlock Holmes is famous for being able to read situations with insane accuracy.

Of course, that's in books and movies, where the truth is expected to be stretched.

But it IS possible.

Not to look at her left pinkie, notice the slight indention in the right side of the tip, and guess that she'd been baking cookies earlier that day.

But you can learn to read her body language.

The way her eyes are looking around the room.

The particular situation she is in.

This will allow you to pace what's on her mind.

Not control, or give advice, or demonstrate any weird pick up skills.

But pace.

To speak the same thoughts she is thinking.

Most people only notice what's on the outside.

You have pretty eyes!

You have nice shoes!

Your boobs look delicious!

Anybody with a pair of working eyeballs can do that.

But sense what's on her mind?

And pace it, as if what she or he is thinking is completely normal?

This will impress them far more than any other line-memorizing goof out there.

Impress who?


Guys, girls, hiring managers, next door neighbors, friends, lovers and whoever else you want.

Learn How:


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