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There are some pretty basic, and somewhat common pick up ideas.

Meaning you're at some party, and you want to make an impression on a cute girl or guy.

There are a few ways to do this.

One is to be friendly, outgoing, and charismatic.

Another is to have some unique characteristics that few other people have.

If you happen to be super gorgeous, this is already done for you.

But since most of us aren't gorgeous, we need another angle.

A very vague "meta description" is to "demonstrate value."

Whether you are thinking about this consciously, or just behaving the way humans normally behave, that's what we all do.

Even when there is no sexual or romantic chemistry.

If we see anybody we don't know, but want to know.

And we want them to think highly of us.

Nobody ever says:

"Hey, I'm going to go introduce myself to that guy over there!"

"If I'm lucky, he'll hate my guts right off the bat and punch me in the face!"

We instinctively and naturally want the opposite.

We WANT those people to VALUE US.

So everything we do is for the purposes of "demonstrating value."

The questions is ALWAYS, how, specifically, we do that.

Hence all the opening techniques, pick up lines, ways to impress them, etc.

All have the intention of demonstrating value.

A couple of old and common ones are magic tricks, and things centered around psychic ability.

Tarot card reading.

Handwriting analysis.

Palm reading.

Plenty of these are things that seem pretty cool.

And they are also things that few people can do.

And they are also things that are pretty easy, at least superficially, to fake.

But there is another, similar, way to achieve the same results.

To demonstrate that you know more about them than they might even know about themselves.

This is, after all, what EVERYBODY wants.

Deep connections.

Feeling somebody not only knows us, but accepts and appreciates us.

We all have very deep, and very strong fears about the opposite.

Of somebody getting to know the real us, and rejecting us BECAUSE of what they've found.

This is why every normal human has a very hard time opening up to people.

We are all TERRIFIED of revealing ourselves, and getting rejected.

So when you do the work of getting to know them, and not only NOT reject them, but accept and appreciate them, they'll be astonished.

They'll see YOU as being different than everybody else.

In a good way.

In an attractive way.

How can you do this?

This Will Show You:


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