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Recently I watched a documentary about Jim Jones, the famous cult leader.

Most cult leaders have a similar personality, as well as a similar, "career path."

It's very much like the very old saying, "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Power is an instinct, like eating.

And just like you can't just eat one chip, you will never be satisfied with a certain level of power.

However, you can kind of manage your desire for power, just like we can manage our desire for food.

We can use our conscious brains to manage our hunger.

And some can use their conscious brains to manage their level of power.

Politicians that carefully plan their careers, for example.

But power becomes a problem when it comes unexpectedly.

This is pretty much the same story for all death cults, and Jim Jones in particular.

He started out as a preacher, but got really popular, really quickly.

And he was always fairly paranoid.

But he also have a very keen skill of manipulating people.

In a way that would make them very loyal.

One way he did that was to give them positions of power within his organization that they could NEVER get outside in the normal world.

This would make them much less likely to leave.

For example, one young women, in her early twenties, had a financial manager's position within his church.

She was responsible for managing millions of dollars.

Because she didn't have a degree, and she was a woman, getting a similar job in the real world, back then, would be nearly impossible.

This would make her much less likely to leave.

From a purely human nature standpoint, understanding all the instincts, and biases, it's fairly easy to reverse engineer all the components that go into the rise and ultimate destruction of any particular death cult.

This is an important concept.

Guy's like Jim Jones KNOW how to manipulate people.

This means that people, in general, CAN be manipulated.

Nearly always, this is done in a negative way.

Pimps manipulate their ladies in specific ways that work.

Salespeople manipulate customers in consistent and repeatable ways.

Politicians, con artists, cult leaders, and even famous gurus are the way they are because they KNOW how to talk to people.

Maybe it's conscious, maybe it's unconscious, but one of the common ways they use their skills is by noticing things about people that few others do.

Like Jim Jones gave that twenty-something a financial job.

Everybody has unmet needs and desires.

Everybody has things about themselves they are proud, and are ashamed of.

Few people will EVER talk about these things.

But these are very, very easy to see when you know how to look.

And if you use them to make the other person feel fantastic, (and not get them to join a death cult) they will associate that fantastic feeling with you.

This is an objective skill, that can be used however you like.

Learn How:


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