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The Ice Cream Idea Pattern


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A good way to win arguments is to take the long game approach.

Most people have plenty of ideas they believe are true.

But they couldn't defend them to save their lives.

Since pretty much EVERYBODY is like this, nobody really needs to defend their ideas.

They just need to present their ideas against their other ideas.

Most arguments are really no more than verbal fights.

The idea of an old school "argument" where two people carefully explore each other's ideas in hopes of creating a much more robust idea rarely exists.

If you've ever taken a class in pure logic, it's as difficult as advanced mathematics.

Having a real "argument," is about as difficult as casually deriving the Pythagorean formula over a cup of coffee.

Not gonna happen.

However, you don't need to have a very robust argument of your own to destroy anybody else's ideas.

All you really need to do is keep asking them about theirs.

So long as you turn down your own ego, and your own need to tell them about your ideas, their ideas CAN self destruct.

They CAN, but they usually won't.

Because most people's "reasons" for believing pretty much anything is because it feels good in their brain.

We silly humans tend to believe ideas for the same reasons we eat things.

Just like very few people take the time to ONLY eat healthy foods in healthy amounts, we don't take time to believe things that are logical and rational.

We eat things because they feel good in our mouth.

We believe things because they feel good in your brain.

Which is why arguing with people is almost ALWAYS a bad idea.

It won't make you any friends, and it's a pretty lame party skill.

But you can use the SAME process to take the ideas that exist in their brain and make them feel better.

Imagine you had a guest are your house.

They were hungry, and you told them to help themselves.

They looked in your freezer and found a carton of vanilla ice cream.

(Let's say you were in the shower or something while they started eating).

And let's say you had a hidden stash of ice cream toppings.

All kinds of syrup and sprinkles and everything else you could imagine.

You come out of the shower, see them eating a plain bowl of vanilla.

"Dude, wait, here, let me make that better!"

You say and bring them out a huge spread of ice cream toppings.

This would make that food, that they already like, taste much BETTER.

You can do the very same with all the ideas in their heads.

And when you can develop the skill to take their existing ideas, which they very much LIKE, and make them BETTER, they'll love you even more.

Learn How:


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