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Most of us love movies with an unexpected twist.

Like when the "Sixth Sense" first came out, people couldn't stop talking about it.

Whether it was done deliberately is anybody's guess, but this kind of thing is a fantastic marketing strategy.

One, because it's a great way to create word of mouth, free, advertising.

Two, it induces people to watch this again and again.

The first time, you see the twist and you're:


The second time you watch it through trying to see all the things that SEEM obvious the second time around, but were completely hidden the first time around.

This is storytelling at it's finest.

When you tell a story, people talk about that story, and people want to consume this over and over again.

Essentially, this is how the storytelling instinct was calibrated, over tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of years.

Every night, somebody in the tribe would tell a story.

Probably most of them were pretty lame.

People would fall asleep halfway through.

People would wander what kind of secret weed the storyteller was smoking.

But every once in a while, you'd get a "Sixth Sense" type story.

These are the stories people would remember.

And then retell.

You have a whole bunch of tribes all telling and retelling the BEST stories from all time, and you end up with a pretty good collection.

This is essentially how mythology is formed.

The stories that make up the collective consciousness of any culture.

Storytelling is an instinct.

Story listening is an instinct.

And just like our food instinct, some stories "taste good" and some taste kid of lame.

And just like you can LEARN to cook good tasting food, you can LEARN to tell some pretty decent stories.

The "twist" is the basis of pretty much all humor.

You tell a long story, and the "punchline" is the ending that is NOT what everybody expected.

Or an ending that has a few meanings at the same time.

In non-humorous story, this "punchline" isn't called a punchline.

It's called the twist.

Or sometimes the "reveal."

This word has the same meaning of the "reveal" at the end of a magic trick.

This is essentially the same feeling of a well told story.

A magic trick, but only with words.

This is why stage magicians who practice sleight of hand are ALSO some of the very best story tellers.

Being able to use your words to create mind magic is a FANTASTIC skill to have.

It will open plenty of doors in ways few people know exist.

Get Started:


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