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One big fear that is associated with using any new language technology is being "caught."

We all have a deeply programmed instinct to not steal from others.

Any ancient race of humans who thought it was A-OK to steal from your buddies didn't last long.

So, evolution gave us all a two-sided instinct when it comes from outright theft.

An internal side and an external side.

The external side is a healthy fear of repercussions.

We might want the thing, but we don't want the angry guy who's thing we stole coming after us.

But we also have an internal resistance.

This two sided instinct kept ancient humans in tight social cohesion.

But in modern times, a lot of things "feel" like stealing, when they really aren't.

Like once a buddy of mine and I were at the grocery store.

He bought a drink, and after he got his change he realized he got the wrong flavor.

The checker said that it was OK to go back into store and swap it out with the one he wanted.

He did, and on the way back, he said, half jokingly:

"I feel like I'm stealing!"

Since he'd grabbed something off the shelf and was "sort of" walking out without paying.

This anti-stealing instinct is closely associated with not lying.

This is why it is very hard to lie to somebody's face.

It takes a lot of energy to lie.

You can see this in pretty much every movie about cops and bad guys and interrogations.

That the idea of finally STOPPING the lie, and telling the truth is a HUGE relief.

Some people even walk into the police station and confess.

They would rather live inside of a cage than keep a lie in their mind.

So, it's naturally when trying out any kind of persuasion or seduction "technology" to feel a little sketchy.

As if you are lying.

Which, in a sense, you are.

If you are going TOO FAR with your frame.

If you told somebody your name was different than it was, you'd feel funny.

You present a "false" frame that is stronger than what it really is,  it feels funny.

There two ways around this.

One is that frame strength is very much like muscle strength.

Building it up takes time.

So take your time.

Go slowly and steadily, a little bit a time.

The second idea is that people often WANT to be deceived.

Not conned out of their money or virginity.

But deceived in an pleasing way.

People pay good money to see stage magicians.

People spend tons of money on super hero movies.

Even silly jokes are made up stories that couldn't possibly be true.

So, when you use language technology to make people FEEL GOOD, even if you are pretending a little bit, you'll be fine.

The BEST pretenders are the A-list actors who get paid millions per movie.

Based on pure economics, pretending so that you make others laugh, feel good and have a good time, is very VALUABLE in the eyes of society.

Get Going:


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