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Why Mystery Is Irresistibly Attractive


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A fairly common movie scene is where one character whispers something into another character's ear.

Nobody watching knows what was said.

Nobody in the audience knows what was said.

If done well, this is a pivotal scene.

Mystery makes everything seem much more enjoyable.

This has been proven experimentally.

Some researches did a marketing split test.

They had two crayons.

One called "Tangerine Orange."

The other called "Millennium Orange."

The second one, the one with the weird sounding name, outsold the first, by a lot.

This is why those movie scenes work so well.

Everybody is wondering what was said.

Our brains don't like unfinished business.

When something happened, and we don't know what, that makes us WANT to know what.

This is not a conscious thing.

This comes across as more INTEREST in that which we don't know about.

This is why a lot of guys have learned, the hard way, to maintain a certain sense of mystery.

If the girl knows EVERYTHING about them, there is no mystery.

Why does mystery work so well?

Let's go back to the crayon experiment.

Unless you specifically WANTED an orange crayon, you wouldn't be very interested in the Tangerine Orange.

There is NOTHING about that crayon you don't know.

The other one, Millennium Orange, has a bit of mystery.

And when we don't know the full reason behind something, our brains will tend to fill in the blanks.

But here's the important part.

The VERY important part, so make sure you read this correctly.

When we fill in the blanks with our OWN subconscious information, we do so with ideas that we would LIKE to believe.

We don't look at a crayon and think, "Wow, Millennium Orange. I bet it's called that for some really DUMB reason!"

Instead we think it must be called Millennium Orange for a very COOL reason.

And while we stand their and fantasize about WHAT that cool reason may be, it makes us WANT that crayon more and more.

In those movies, when characters whisper to one another, we the audience, the other characters, ASSUME that whispered thing was very PROFOUND.

This is why the best movies NEVER REVEAL what was whispered.

Because no matter WHAT the writers come up with, it will NEVER match our best case, subconscious imaginations.

This is why revealing EVERYTHING about yourself to a potential relationship partner is a BAD idea.

Because when you have a little bit of mystery, your love interest will fill in the blanks with his or her BEST CASE imagination.

So when you TELL THEM, it will ALWAYS be less interesting that what they imagined.

Even better is when you learn to speak in ways that are PURPOSELY VAGUE.

So everybody who hears you will fill in the blanks with THEIR best case imagination.

This is entire idea behind covert hypnosis.

Purposely vague language.

So your listeners can imagine the VERY BEST about you they can.

Automatically, subconsciously, and instinctively.

Learn How:


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