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Attraction Feedback Loops


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One major paradox of human thinking is the difference between cause and effect.

Everybody and their sister has heard or said the phrase, "correlation doesn't mean causation."

This means we all are both fooled by this and skeptical of this.

Evolutionary psychologists believe this is a function of survival.

Our brains evolved to be quick, but not accurate.

Everything cost something, and our brains aren't any different.

The cost of having a very fast brain is that many of our assumptions are incorrect.

Turns out that thinking quickly is much more important than thinking accurately.

So even today, this cause-effect mystery messes us up.

For example, you see a guy talking to a girl.

The girl is attracted to the guy.

The guy is attracted to the girl.

Attraction happens subconsciously, automatically.

But we don't like that idea.

We like the idea of being able to CONSCIOUSLY create attraction.

Of saying the right things in the right order.

Kind of like we practice for job interviews.

It feels they same.

They have something we want.

And in order to get it (a number, some affection, a job) we've got to say the right things.

Only in a job interview, the words we say go through a much more objective filter in the other guy's brain.

Since they are hiring for very objective reasons.

Some people hire for emotional reasons, and this rarely works out.

Nepotism, because the candidate is hot, etc.

Objectively hiring people tends to work much better.

But what about in social situations?

A common mistake in any kind of consciously learned "game" is by reversing cause and effect.

A guy is confident, and he's talking to a girl.

His subconscious perceives that she's attracted him.

Her subconscious perceives he's attracted to her.

This fantastic and unconscious feedback loop creates a good feeling in both.

They both sort of know the other person likes them.

And they both sort of know they like the other person.

This attraction feedback loop is the CAUSE.

The EFFECT is the words they are using.

The mistake comes when we think the WORDS are the cause, and the attraction is the effect.

This is a very natural and common mistake to make.

Most people ONLY think about the surface level language.

Most people are unaware of the emotions and subconscious communication going on beneath the surface.

If you only focus on the top, you'll HAVE to play the numbers game.

Keep talking to people and HOPE you get lucky.

Or, you can learn to speak subconsciously.



And CREATE attraction at will.

Learn How:


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