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When talking about persuasion and seduction, it's very common to focus on what words to say.

People imagine going into a situation, they imagine somebody they'd like to meet.

But then they get stuck on what, specifically, to say.

When we tend to imagine unknown social situations, we tend to imagine our worst fears.

We imagine the other person saying something that we don't know how to handle.

This keeps us stuck.

Even if we imagine how to respond to that, then our social fears pop up and we imagine them responding to us in a way that will get us stuck again.

This is what happens when you take something as free flowing as communication, but think of it in terms of chess match.

Sure, if you are studying or practicing chess, it makes perfect sense to think these terms.

Of what they might do.

And how you might counter what they might do.

And how they might counter your counter.

But human communication is not so conscious.

Human communication is much more fluid, and subconscious.

It's much more like a boxing match.

Not in that it's combative, or confrontation.

But boxing matches, much like communication, are much more fluid.

If you have a boxing match next week, and you're focused on what kind of punch to throw, you're missing the point.

To prepare for a boxing match, you train your entire mind body system to know what to do.

So your conscious brain doesn't have to think.

If you train in enough muscle memory and reflexes, you don't NEED your conscious mind as soon as the bell rings.

Communication is the same way.

But it's much, much better.

Very few people study the structure of communication.

Very few people even think about something like the structure of communication.

So when you do study and practice, just a little bit, you'll have a HUGE advantage.

Even better, is when people communicate, they WANT the other person to make them feel good.

This is the OPPOSITE of a boxing match.

They WANT you to make them laugh.

They WANT you to create good emotions.

They WANT you to create a positive and lasting impression.

When you study the structure of communication, this is very, very easy.

Because it's not about WHAT you say that's important.

Not the content.

If you learn to speak in structure language, you will be recognized as being much, much different than everybody else.

Much, much better than everybody else.

Much, much more attractive and interesting than everybody else.

When you speak in structure language, no matter WHO you talk to, they'll ALWAYS want more.

Learn How:


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