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The fear of rejection is very, very common.

It's a remnant of our childhood.

All kids ask for a billion things.

Even if a kid has a 50% success rate, this also means they have a 50% failure rate.

Which means even the most successful humans have a crap ton of memories of asking and being told no.

Sometimes with patience and kindness.

Sometimes with anger and frustration.

But we humans are pretty resilient.

If you have kids, you maybe wish sometimes that your kids weren't so resilient.

We keep pushing forward until we get what we want.

All kids are pretty much programmed with a "keep asking until you get it" program.

When we are adults, this childhood program is still running.

Part of us feels as if we need to ask for whatever we want from others.

Even if we don't express what we want through a question, we still feel some of that "asking energy."

This is why most normal humans feel a small echo of that potential rejection with the silliest things.

Like asking for more water from a waiter, or sending back the wrong dish.

This is much more pronounced when we are in social situations.

With a waiter or anybody in any kind of business situation, it's kind of their job to do what we want.

But if you see an attractive person across the room, asking for their number seems a BILLION times more difficult than asking for more fries.

However, asking is NOT appropriate.

Nobody sees themselves as the holder of goodness.

Of the giver of pleasure.

To give or withhold their goodness based on HOW us poor peasants ask.

EVERYBODY has the same collections of anxieties.

So asking is the WRONG strategy.

Instead, consider a strategy of CREATING PLEASURE.

Not giving pleasure.

Not exchanging pleasure.

Not using the idea of pleasure to get what you want.

Of just being a person who CREATES pleasure in others.

All humans have a cause-effect generator in our brains.

This has been demonstrated scientifically in children as young as six months.

It's believed to be a very, very necessary evolutionary trait.

So what?

When YOU make it a habit of causing pleasure in others, just because you enjoy doing that, that will trigger the cause-effect generator.

By creating pleasure in others, you will create the following equation in their brains:


When more and more people start to see you like this, this will kick off some powerful and ancient attraction triggers.

Social proof, authority and sexual desire.

Learn How:


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