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One way important aspect of conversational hypnosis that it burns up brain processor time.

For example, consider the following sentence:

Yesterday my brother and I went fishing and he said I should study Algebra more often.

It's a pretty simple sentence, without any hypnotic technology.

Now consider this sentence:

Yesterday I went to the library with my friend Sheila and her sister and she said she really liked having sex with hot librarians.

This contains something called a "lack of referential index."

Which basically means a pronoun that doesn't clearly reference a proper noun.

The first sentence, about fishing and algebra, there's only one other person, so it's obvious who the "he" refers to.

In the second sentence, about the library, there are two girls (Sheila and her sister).

So the "she" in that sentence is vague.

But not only that, that particular "she" is explaining how "she" likes to have sex with hot librarians.

Because the idea of "having sex with hot librarians" is applied to an unspecified "she" the listeners brain will focus on that idea a little bit longer.

If you were at a party and said, "I like having sex with hot librarians," people would think you were a weirdo.

If you said, "I have a friend that likes to have sex with hot librarians," they would think you AND your friend were both weirdos.

But when you are reporting that somebody else said they like having sex with hot librarians, AND it's unclear who that person is, it spins their brains in a quick confusion loop.

Essentially, this is a quick brain hack to be able to spit out silly ideas like having sex with hot librarians.

But because it's hidden BEHIND some quick and dirty hypnotic technology, you get the BEST of both worlds.

One, you get to watch their faces as they try and guess who is having sex with hot librarians.

Even the word, "hot librarians" isn't clear.

Hot female librarians?

Hot male librarians?

Hot robot librarians?

The second benefit is you get PURE plausible deniability.

If somebody gets angry, you can just say:

"Dude, I'm just telling you what she said!"

Which, of course, will INCREASE their confusion, since you dropped in another vague pronoun.

This idea of vagueness is the source of all humor.

Nearly all jokes are based on ambiguity.

A word that means two different things at once.

So when you combine that with ideas of strange (potentially hot) people having sex with other strange and hot people, people's brains will enjoy the process.

And so will you.

Learn How:


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