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Hacks are very compelling.

Way back when I was in Junior High school, my friends and I all played video games.

The kind where you had to put in a quarter.

Some games had "patterns" that only some kids knew about.

Knowing about these patterns was pretty cool.

Many games had different patterns for different levels.

Most kids I knew had the patterns for lower levels, but not for higher levels.

Trying to figure out what the patterns were was as fun as the game.

Once I came across a coupon in the Sunday Paper for a free candy bar.

Absolutely free, no strings.

I immediately called my buddy and we went on an excavation in all the garbage cans and dumpers in the neighborhood.

This coupon was on the last page of the Sunday comics.

As expected, plenty of people didn't see it.

As a result, we got TONS of free candy.

Today, you'll find that same kind of thinking.

Of finding secret shortcuts.

Occasionally, you'll have what essentially is an inefficient market.

Most markets are pretty efficient.

They tend to fill in the gaps pretty quickly.

But if you can find those gaps, and you have the resources to exploit them,  you can make some serious cash.

For example, at some racetracks they have a "pick six."

If you get the winning horse in the first six races, you win a ton of money.

But this is kind of like a lottery.

If nobody wins, it rolls over until the next week.

And a few times, gangsters have found these inefficient markets.

Meaning if they bet EVERY combination of the first six races, it will cost LESS than the total prize.

If they get enough of their soldiers down to the track in time to make all the bets?

Easy money!

Inefficient markets this are very rare, but if you keep an eye out, you CAN capitalize on them.

There is also the same kind of thing in human thinking.

Our brains are NOT logic devices.

They are NOT truth seeking devices.

Our language is FILLED with inaccuracies and gaping wide holes.

Most of us think in vague terms, and speak in vague terms.

Normally, this is OK.

But it's also a very powerful EXPLOIT.

It involves learning how to SPEAK a little differently.

How to THINK a little differently.

It is a very LITERAL way to hack into people's brains.

Temporarily, or for more longer terms.

This conversational technique was invented by a Dr. who wanted to help people.

But since these are tools, you can use them for pretty much anything you want.

(Don't let the name fool you.)

Learn More:


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