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A sense of humor is something that people are said to "have."

What, specifically, does this mean?

George Lakoff, a student of Noam Chomsky, theorizes that we use verbs and prepositions to describe how we think about intangible nouns.

For example, consider the idea that you are "in" a relationship.

A relationship is an intangible noun.

Another name for the word relationship is it is nominalization.

A noun created from a process verb.

To relate to somebody.

The noun, "relationship" is created from that verb, "to relate".

And since it's created from a verb that describes an ongoing process, it's really a metaphor.

But HOW, specifically, we use these intangible nouns describes how we think about them subconsciously.

According to Lakoff's theory, since we use the word "in" with the word "relationship" we think of it as a container.

This is why sometimes we feel "trapped" by a relationship.

Something we are "in," but can't get out of.


But back to the idea of a "sense of humor."

We use "have" a sense of humor.

This indicates it's an object that you can possess.

There are people that HAVE a sense of humor, and people that don't HAVE a sense of humor.

But since we think of it as an object that it is possible to possess, we can GET a sense of humor.

Or we can DEVELOP a sense of humor.

Just like you can DEVELOP any other skills.

He's got some MAD photoshop skills, for example.

That intangible noun, "photoshop skills" is not something anybody is born with.

Which implies we can LEARN how to "get" the things people have.

And you already know that people who HAVE a sense of humor tend to be more attractive, all else equal, than those who don't.

Why goes into a "sense of humor?"

Seeing things differently.

Being able to reframe things.

Doing so on the spot, not twenty minutes later.

Having some basic communication skills.

But above all, having the sense of humor INTENTION.

What is the sense of humor intention?

The deep, nearly subconscious desire to make people FEEL GOOD when you speak to them.

To make people smile.

To make people laugh.

To create a lasting impression of you in their brain.

Of somebody they ENJOY being around.

Of somebody they WANT to see again.

OF somebody they WANT to introduce to all their friends.

A sense of humor is actually pretty simple to understand.

There is a TON of overlap, in many ways, with covert hypnosis.

Which means if you learn one, you'll learn the other.

Get Started:


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