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Social skills are necessary.

But social skills are also very difficult to practice.

Anything that has social skills built into it is something we don't even think of as skills to learn and improve.

We tend to put them in the category of being good at them, or not being good at them.

Being shy or outgoing.

Being introverted or extroverted.

There's even some very complex ideas about a personality TYPE.

And once you determine your type, that's it.

If you're not the "type" to make a lot of money, oh well.

If you're not the "type" to be good with the ladies, oh well.

If you're not the "type" to do well in job interviews, oh well.

This is like MANY of our self-accepted limitations.

They have two sides.

One side is it feels very comfortable.

Very safe.

Because claiming to be a "type" absolutely absolves us of the responsibility.

We can even pretend it's not our fault we can't get what we want.

We are, after all, programmed with DNA, and an upbringing that we had nothing to do with, right?

Sure, we'd LOVE to make more money, but that's just the way it goes.

We'd love to be more socially outgoing and playful around attractive people, but that's just the way it goes.

You CAN accept your limitations.

You CAN accept that you'll NEVER do better than you are now.

That it's not your fault.

That's common, and safe, but pretty boring.

Or you can slowly improve yourself.

Imagine if nobody knew about exercise.

Everybody just ate whenever they got hungry.

And they ate whatever tasted good.

Some people had jobs in factories.

Some people had jobs behind desks.

Some people were WAY overweight, but they figured that was JUST the way there were.

Other people who were in shape, well, those guys are just lucky.

That would be SILLY!

Clearly, there's plenty of evidence that people CAN improve their health.

It's certainly not easy.

But it's absolutely possible.

Increasing social skills is the same way.

So long as you do it slowly, safely and consistently, you WILL get better.

Sure, it won't be like magic.

It won't happen overnight.

But it WILL happen.

One of the biggest fears of improving social fears is the idea of getting rejected.

But there are plenty of ways you can improve your social skills without EVER worrying about rejection.

A lot of ways to improve your playfulness, without EVER worrying about rejection.

A lot of ways to improve our overall attraction, without EVER worrying about rejection.

Learn More:


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