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Being a hypnotist is a good label.

If you show up at a party, and tell people you are hypnotist, they'll be intrigued.

They may also be a little worried.

Once, a long time ago, I was in a conversation with a business colleague.

I mentioned in passing that I was studying hypnosis, as a hobby.

He began to joke that I had been secretly implanting ideas into his mind.

He was being half serious.

This is the affect when you develop the reputation as a hypnotist.

Even as a hobby.

The first thing you'll learn about hypnosis is most of is done in the mind of the subject.

So when you develop the right frame, they'll go right along with your hypnotic language.

The reason?

Most people believe that hypnosis is some kind of magic.

Mainly because of how it's portrayed in the movies.

TV and movie hypnotists have super powers of mind control.

They just snap their fingers and people go right into a trance.

In real life, it's quite like that.

But they don't know that.

Even better is when you use some patterns from COVERT hypnosis.

All the stuff in the movies, on TV, and even up on stage are all DIRECT hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis only works when nobody but you knows you are using it.

So they CAN'T use it in the movies.

So when you learn a few techniques specifically designed to create short term confusion, it will only ADD to your mysterious reputation.

Hypnotists are masters of language.

Hypnotists are masters of the mind.

But there is also HUGE overlap between the structure of hypnosis, and the structure of humor.

When you combine all of these, you'll have the BEST party reputation ever.

You'll be in-the-moment funny.

You'll be a master of the reframe.

You'll be able to spit mind confusion that will take a few minutest to recover from.

So if you DO decide to do any direct hypnosis, people will be much  more eager to obey your from the trance state.

This is when the REAL fun begins.

You can get them to forget their names.

You can get them to speak Martian.

Or whatever else you feel like doing.

Learn How:


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