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The Penguin and the Shoe Store


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Everybody loves a sense of humor.

Humor comes in two levels.

Pre-planned, and spontaneous.

One is based on an understanding of the structure of humor.

Sometimes guys who write the funniest comedy movies and TV shows are the LAST guys you'd think are masters of humor.

Other actors and comedians who look naturally gifted are really only excellent performers.

I had a friend once who took his kid to see a famous comedian.

The kid really admired the guy.

The father and son made their way backstage to meet the guy.

His normal, off stage persona was much, much different than his on stage persona.

On stage was really energetic and charismatic.

But when they found him back stage, he was angry, smoking a cigarette and was radiating "leave me alone" energy.

It's rare you find somebody who IS both.

Meaning they not only have a genius comedic brain, but they have a genuinely funny, in the moment personality.

For most people, having a good sense of humor doesn't mean standing up on stage and telling jokes.

It doesn't mean being a behind the scenes comedy genius.

It just means being able to see, create, and appreciate humor as it happens in the moment.

Not just to be a party clown.

Not just to be the entertainer, but to truly understand the structure of humor.

To realize that the linguistic structure of humor is very similar to the structure of hypnosis.

Not the swing your watch and fall asleep hypnosis.

But the conversational type.

The kind that lets you look in between their words.

To look in between their thoughts.

And twist around ideas and beliefs and perspectives.

To take the ordinary and mundane, and spin it to the fantastic and exhilarating.

It's one thing to have a head full of jokes.

To be able to take any conversational topic and say:

"That's like when this guy walked into a shoe store with a penguin..."

But it is a completely different level of skills to MAKE UP humor on the spot.

Based on ANYTHING anybody is saying.

This is a skill.

And like any skill, this takes practice.

But it's a skill that few people know about.

Few will even understand HOW you do what you do.

And since it's a skill, the more you practice, the better you'll get.

The better you get, the more people will admire you.

Remember you.

Want you.

Learn How:


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