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In fiction, there several common archetypes.

A fictional hero must be relatable.

Which means we must be able to see ourselves in that hero.

Part of being a relatable hero is having flaws.

The same human flaws we all have.

But heroes also have mad skills.

Mad skills we wish we all had.

Mad skills we all want to strive for.

We LOVE the idea of having super powers.

Of being able to do things other people can't do.

So we can HELP people.

To make people feel better.

This is a deep human desire.

Perhaps the most powerful human instinct.

To get out into the world, do something magnificent, and be recognized for our heroic efforts.

This is the basic structure of every hero's journey story told since the dawn of time.

Even BEFORE the dawn of time.

Since way back before we could write stuff down, we could tell stories.

Language and storytelling are two sides of the same coin.

Our language is filled with metaphors.

Abstract ideas that describe deeply intellectual and cerebral concepts.

Being able to hallucinate is also a very powerful skill.

Every young hunter that went out for the first time was helped by his imaginary role models.

The exact SAME archetypes who help us modern humans in modern stories.

Language is very powerful.

Language is magical, mystical.

Yet at the same, language is much more than the words.

If you ever travel a foreign country, you'll find it's pretty easy to have a conversation WITHOUT words.

Once I haggled with a deaf person over the price of a souvenir.

For about twenty minutes.

Even though no words were being spoken, my head was filled with pictures.

Pictures delivered from her brain to mine.

Delivered by facial expressions, gestures, and some very powerful eye contact.

Most people don't think about words or the ideas they represent.

Most people have half baked thoughts and spit them out with poorly chosen words.

Master the art of language, and you will master the art of thought.

Simply by being present, and speaking, you will have a super hero impact on those lucky enough to be in your sphere of influence.

This is something most never consider.

Of being able to improve the quality of your language.

Of being able to improve the quality of your thought.

But in between thought and language is magic.

Spellbinding mind control that will leave a lasting impression.

Learn modern magic, and become a wizard.

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