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When we humans interact with one another, we very much want to create a positive reaction.

This is so deeply instinctive we rarely think about it.

Generally speaking, there are only three categories of interaction, with respect to outcome.

The most common is we interact with others, and we want very much to create a positive impression.

Second is we want them to leave us alone.

Third is when we want to be aggressive and defeat them.

This can be in a physical confrontation.

This can be in a direct argument.

This can be by outframing them somehow.

The first category is the most interesting.

The better you can create better feelings in others, the easier pretty much every else will do.

For example, imagine if you had a magic pendant.

And whenever you wore it, it would have a magic affect on people.

They would see you, and feel really good.

And they would associate that good feeling with you.

So whatever you wanted, they would be willing to help.

If they were selling something, they'd give you a really good deal.

If you were selling something, they would want to buy it.

If there were any potential sexual or romantic chemistry, your magic pendant would ignite it.

Most people are DESPERATE for this kind of affect on others.

But few have any idea HOW to create it.

Most of us try to say and do things that we HOPE will have that impact.

Particularly when we see an attractive person.

We want to interact with them in a way that will create positive emotions.

We say and do things HOPING they will "create" those positive emotions.

Most people are absolutely CLUELESS on how this works.

The interactivity between language and thought.

And the interactivity between thought and emotions.

We say things hoping they will create thoughts.

Which we hope will create the right emotions.

If we are lucky, we create some positive feelings once in a while.

But most of the time, for most people, this process is haphazard at best.

But that's if you are targeting the surface level language.

What's really important is the underlying emotions.

A powerful shortcut is to bypass the surface level language altogether.

And operate directly on thoughts and emotions.

Much less haphazard.

Much more repeatable, controllable, and predictable.

The best part is nobody will know what's going on except for you.

Learn How:


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