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There are two ways to make an impression on somebody.

One is to be "better" than everybody else.

This is what nearly everybody does.

Even when we are having regular conversations with regular people, everybody tends to outdo one another.

The loudest laugh, the most interesting comment or anecdote.

Most of the stuff most people do is done to hopefully impress others.

Imagine, just for a moment, that nobody was allowed to talk about things like watching documentaries, or other non-fictional material.

Sure, we like to watch those things because they are interesting, but we also like to watch those things so we can talk about how we like to watch those things.

Few people "brag" about how they love to watch brainless superhero movies.

But plenty of people "brag" about how they watch documentaries.

Check any online dating profile, and people will tend to use the idea that they watch documentaries as a kind of positive trait about themselves.

Documentaries kind of give us "ammunition" to use when discussing important things with important people.

When we need to have interesting and important sounding opinions.

But this kind of thing really doesn't get people's juices flowing.

Most people like to feel good feelings.

Happy feelings.

Funny feelings.

Excited feelings.

Romantic feelings.

Sexual feelings.

Talking about how we spend time watching TED talks sort of makes us sound smart, but it doesn't create the feelings people REALLY want to feel.

Few people have the ability to just show up and make people feel good.

When we try to do this, we try to relate funny stories.

Things that happened to us.

But this is STILL a kind of competition.

Whoever can relate the most interesting, and hopefully funny stories.

This can be fun.

But it's also presents the "fastest gun in the west" problem.

Once you establish yourself as a funny anecdote type person, it's pretty EASY to outdo.

You tell a goofy story about some guy you met on the bus.

Somebody else can easily outdo you by looking in THEIR brain and finding an equally funny store.

"Hey, that's like that one guy I saw other day..."

And just like that, your time in the spotlight is over.

The solution?


Forget about competing based on CONTENT.

Outframe everybody by focusing on STRUCTURE.

When you focus on content, it automatically reminds people of other, similar content.

Which leads to never ending content contests.

But when you switch to using structure, nobody will have any IDEA what you just did.

But they'll have a funny feeling in their brain.

One that is hard to match.

Since it's very hard to define.

This will give YOU a reputation that nobody else can ever come close to.

Learn How:


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