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Secret To Outcome Independence


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A very common issue is as follows.

A guy or gal will want something socially.

Maybe a date, maybe a sale, maybe simply increasing their network.

They make an attempt.

And it doesn't go very well.

For a guy, it might be talking to a girl to get her number.

For a gal, it might be the same. 

Talking to somebody, sort of "feeling it" but not knowing quite how to close.

Or it could be somebody who is at a networking meeting, but they don't get as many contacts as they'd wished.

The basic structure, though, is the same.

A person interacts socially, and gets a less than desirable result.

So they go home, go online and ask the Internet for advice.

So far, so good.

The Internet is a FANTASTIC invention.

A very, very HELPFUL invention.

But when it comes to giving advice on how to behave in social situations, it falls very short.

Because when you describe your problem, you do so ONLY with words.

And when you get the ideas from others, it comes ONLY in words.

Social communications is VERY MUCH based on non-verbal energy.

IMPOSSIBLE to describe in words.

If you have the right energy, the words don't really matter.

If you have the wrong energy, no words will work.

Operating socially is very much like any kind of competitive sport.

What you do is very much dependent on what the other person just did.

And the only way to improve how you respond, in the moment, to what the other guy just did is to practice.

At least in sports.

But there is some very powerful techniques you can use socially.

That make it much EASIER to respond in the moment.

To respond in the moment much more spontaneously.

Much less dependent on outcome.

The reason outcome independence works so well is it frees up TONS of extra brain processing time.

If you HAVE an outcome, you will always have that outcome in the back of your mind.

It's like trying to work on your PC with a software update going on in the background.

That software update makes everything SUPER SLOW.

So if you are holding an outcome in mind, even subconsciously, it will make it much more difficult to respond in the moment.

But here's the best part.

Since all humans are social animals, we all have the SAME outcome programmed deeply into our instincts.

We WANT to create positive social relationships.

So you don't NEED to have an outcome.

It's already programmed into your DNA.

It's programmed into their DNA.

Whoever they are.

The easiest way to practice outcome independence?

Literally, have ZERO outcome.

Except to make people smile, laugh and have a good time.

If you can do that, people will do everything to keep you around.

Learn How:


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