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Laughter is a very powerful tool.

From a purely physiological standpoint, it provides quick stress release.

When we laugh, our body quickly contracts, and then releases.

When we release, it also releases a lot of pent up stress.

From a purely energetic standpoint, it's like a quick purge of bad energy.

And it feels very good.

Even in a bad situation, a quick comment can significantly relieve the stress.

Long time ago I went to traffic school.

The kind to keep a traffic ticket off your record.

The guy who taught it was a cop.

He said the only time he ever let somebody off a ticket was if they told him a quick joke.

Not a set up, but a comment that was spontaneous and in the moment.

Nearly all women, when they list the required traits of the their dream guy, is a sense of humor.

Being able to take a serious situation and reframe it in the moment to something funny is a very attractive trait.

Because if you can reframe something serious into something funny, you can pretty much reframe anything into anything.

Demonstrating skills of humor presupposes a deep and very flexible way of thinking.

To say that somebody doesn't have a sense of humor is to say they are very rigid in their thinking.

To say that somebody has a great sense of humor is saying a lot.

Much more than making people laugh.

That you can pretty much handle anything that comes up.

That you can think way outside the box.

That when unexpected things come up, you don't stand their frozen.

You come up with solutions.

The linguistic structure of humor is very similar to the linguistic structure of conversational hypnosis.

One way to create a massive frame of attraction is to be known as a hypnotist.

To be known as a hypnotist is to be confident, funny, lateral thinking, and very friendly and spontaneous.

All very, very attractive traits.

The more you learn the structure of humor, the more you'll learn the structure of hypnosis.

This goes both ways.

And since this is a structure, not something that's inborn, it's easy for anybody to learn.

Learn the structure of language.

Learn the structure of thought.

Learn the structure of subconscious and non verbal communication.

This is pretty much the master key of human nature.

The more you practice, the better you'll get.

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