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How To Win Every Argument


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Metaphors are very helpful, and they are also very dangerous.

They are helpful as they ease the transmission of ideas from brain to brain.

They facilitate communication.

They don't need to be accurate.

So long as everybody has an internal idea of what they mean.

We all have plenty of shared experiences.

But these shared experiences are very hard to articulate.

For example, say you see a cute girl across the room.

You start walking over, but then you lose your nerve.

So you slightly shift your trajectory and walk somewhere else.

All the while pretending that was your initial plan.

You do this so nobody will know, except you and your buddies, that you chickened out at the last minute.

This is a very common experience.

So when you came back, and face your friends, EVERYBODY knows what's up.

They ask, "Why did you abort?"

You answer, "Just wasn't feeling it."

They know what you mean.

You know what you mean.

But supposed you were hosting an exchange student from another planet.

A creature that was like Spock.

Pure logic.

He wouldn't understand why you used the term "abort."

He would have no clue what it means to say, "not feeling it."

Between humans, these two simple phrases, "abort" and "not feeling it" convey a TON of information.

But to a Vulcan, they would be meaningless.

This is how metaphors work to convey a TON of information, utterly rich in emotional complexity, with only a few phrases.

However, when we argue, metaphors are the LAST thing we need.

Because metaphors used to argue tend to completely miss the point.

When having a verbal confrontation, often metaphors get in the way.

They make very simple arguments SOUND complex.

But if you pay close attention, the metaphors are REALLY saying some very, very simple ideas.

Your idea is stupid.

No, your idea is stupid.

You are stupid!

No, YOU are stupid!!

If you pay close attention to any disagreement, especially online, this is basically the structure.

Even worse is when you have a bunch of people on either side of the argument.

Because the colorfully metaphorical statement of "you are stupid" means a great deal to one side.

Just like "abort" and "not feeling" it means a great deal.

The trick is to train yourself to look beneath the metaphors.

To FORCE the other person to present their case in NON metaphorical terms.

Because when they do that, they will be forced to admit their ENTIRE argument is of the form, "you" or "your idea" is stupid.

Once you get them to admit that, it's very easy to crush their position.

Just keep asking them why they think that.

Since nearly ALL arguments are based on emotions, and NOT logic, this is an easy way to WIN every single argument.

With anybody.

Learn How:


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