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Fight Club was a fantastic movie.

A lot of ideas about masculine energy, what happens when there is a lack of positive male models, etc.

But there was one scene in particular that was interesting.

After the two main characters had their first couple of fights.

It gave them a much better sense of everybody around them.

They would get on a bus, for example, and IMMEDIATELY scan the crowd, and figure out who they could likely beat in a fight, and who they might not.

This is one of those movie scenes that is intuitively true.

Anything "new" that you do will do this to you.

Once I was painting my first condo, a long, long time ago.

A friend casually remarked that having had that experience, of going through all the trouble of painting my own house, I would never look at another paint job the same way.

And he was right.

For a while after that, whenever I went into somebody's home, I found myself checking out the quality of their paint job.

Our brains have tons of filters.

It has to, otherwise we'd go insane.

So it needs to sort for things that are important.

And bypass all the stuff that aren't important.

This is the same as the red car effect.

When you don't notice all the red cars.

And then you buy a red car, and see all the red cars.

Before, you hadn't done anything to indicate that red cars are important.

So you filtered them out.

The process of buying a red car slowly re-calibrates your filters.

Since you bought one, this means they are important.

So you start to see them.

Before I painted my own walls, the quality of a paint job didn't matter.

But since I spent a lot of time, money, and effort, it became important.

Of course, after a while, it kind of become unimportant again.

But if you fight, or train consistently, you'll get the "Fight Club" response.

Measuring people up will be second nature.

This happens when you practice verbal fighting skills as well.

So long as you do a little bit of practice every day, you'll have a completely different set of filters.

You'll see the things people are hiding behind their words.

You'll start to notice the loud obnoxious people who are really cowards on the inside.

Not just from a theoretical standpoint.

But from an intuitive, deep knowing standpoint.

You'll also see the opposite.

The seemingly shy, quiet types that you know have rock solid self confidence and self esteem.

And once you learn how to read people the way they REALLY are, not just the way they are projecting themselves, YOU will be radiating a much different kind of energy.

A much more powerful kind of energy.

A much more attractive kind of energy.

Learn How:


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