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TV Journalist Destruction Pattern


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Some of the most annoying conversations are on TV.

Especially between some TV journalist and somebody they disagree with.

Even more especially is if the person on TV doesn't have a lot of experience with TV language.

This is been portrayed in books and movies quite a bit.

They kind of sucker punch the TV guest.

They build him or her up beforehand.

Tell him how interested they are.

Stroke the crap out of their ego.

So when they get on TV, the are expecting some softballs.

Easy to answer questions that they can easily spin to promote whatever it is they want to promote.

So they are not ready for the viciousness of the TV host.

This is pretty widely understood.

What is not so widely understood is how, specifically, the TV host easily destroys the guest.

One technique is the "but what about..." technique.

Whenever we hear the word, "but" we instantly recognize the structure.

One idea BUT another idea.

Even without knowing the two ideas, we know intuitively they are opposite somehow.

So the guest will be talking about something related to their book or idea or whatever is they are on TV to promote.

The host will hear something they don't like.

They interrupt them and say, "Yes, but what about..." 

The guest is suddenly unsure of what is going on.

For the people watching the show, the host just obliterated the guest.

But in reality, this is a kind of "sleight of question."

Because humans don't pay super close attention to the stuff said on TV.

So when they use the "Idea one BUT idea two" pattern, idea two doesn't need to be anywhere CLOSE to idea one.

They only need to SOUND close.

So when the host says, "Yes, but what about idea two?" and the guest becomes uncomfortable, maybe stutters a little bit, it looks like the host got a point.


Suppose they got a guy on their talking about his new cookbook.

About how to bake a cake.

And he's describing how to make a cake.

And he gets to the part where you need to add two eggs.

The host only needs to hear the "two eggs" part.

So he or she interrupts and says:

"Wait, but aren't eggs dangerous, don't they have a lot of cholesterol, what about vegans who don't eat eggs?"

This SORT OF SOUNDS logical.

But it really doesn't make much sense.

Baking cakes, general health, and the merits of vegetarianism are three completely different conversational topics.

But for people watching, they only remember the VAGUE outcome:

"Dude, I saw this guy on TV promoting his cookbook but the TV lady OBLITERATED him!"

"Really, what happened?"

"Oh, you should have seen it. She DESTROYED him!"

Of course, if you take time to learn the linguistic structure of verbal fights, this will NEVER happen to you.

You will be the one doing the obliterating.

Learn How:


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