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I watched an interesting lecture a few days ago.

A guy was talking about how different skills can fetch different incomes, now compared to a hundred years or so go.

His imaginary comparison was a guy a hundred years ago that had pretty good math skills, but very weak social skills.

The best that guy could do a hundred years ago would be a math professor.

Which wouldn't tend to make a lot of money.

But a guy today with a ton of math skills and low social skills could easily make six figures or higher.

Working as a programmer for a large trading company.

Most trades that happen in the stock market today are done by these high frequency trading machines.

Or HFT's.

The guys who create these algorithms can make a ton of cash.

This is a way to see the difference between social skills and technical skills.

One one extreme, you can have mad technical skills and low social skills.

This is the stereotypical introverted genius who makes millions.

On the other hand, you an have mad social skills but zero technical skills.

These types become salespeople, actors and politicians.

Most of us are in the middle somewhere

If you were to get a job at a company, they would need to make sure you knew what you were doing.

This would be the technical skills.

But because they HAVE face to face interviews, technical skills are not the ONLY skills.

They also need to know you're not a psychopath and can work well with others.

Most companies require that you interact with others effectively to get the job done.

This means you need to hang around with, and work effectively with, people you wouldn't otherwise choose to be your friends.

If you are not so good at this, it will limit you.

If you do happen to have a ton of technical skills, like programming or any science related skills, that can compensate.

The worst situation would be to be an average guy with average technical skills, but below average social skills.

This would make life very hard.

Luckily, most who lack social skills really lack social confidence.

Humans are social animals.

Being social isn't anything you need to learn.

It comes naturally.

Or at least it SHOULD come naturally.

But if you have some baggage that keeps you from getting in the game, you won't have the luxury of learning social skills easily and naturally.

But that's OK.

Because once you eliminate all social fears, it WILL happen naturally.

And as it turns out, being utterly devoid of any social fear will make you very VALUABLE socially.

Which is good news, since there is a step by step process to utterly obliterate any social fears you may have.

Learn How:


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