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I remember once a long time ago, I was hanging out with a buddy.

We were sitting on a park bench somewhere.

In between one activity and another.

We ended up talking non stop for about an hour.

It was one of those conversations that really gets your juices going.

Funny thing was that the topic of the conversation wasn't important.

Because neither of us remembered it.

But we both remembered the underlying feeling.

The best my friend could describe it was being "high on life."

Normal human conversations tend to flow spontaneously and organically.

They say something, which reminds you of something, which reminds them of something.

Nothing that requires much conscious participation.

So long as there is plenty of energy, the conversation can flow for a while.

When we are hanging around new people, this is much less likely.

Normal people are more guarded around new people.

Must less open.

These two metaphors, "open" and "guarded" are PERFECT.

We have our inner, true selves.

Then we have our outer selves that we present to the world.

The more we know the person we are speaking with, the more we feel comfortable expressing our true selves.

When we don't know somebody, we are naturally careful about letting them know the true us.

When we meet somebody with whom there is mutual attraction, and a sudden feeling of safety with respect to sharing our true selves, this is a FANTASITC feeling.

It's also very rare.

If you are too open with too many people, you'll get burned.

If you are never open with anybody, you'll never click with anybody.

One way to think of this is that we all have a kind of internal frequency, and external frequency.

When we are with close friends, our internal frequencies are closely matched, and mostly open.

This is the deep resonance that happens with close conversations with friends.

Sometimes thought, we meet somebody that has ill intentions.

Maybe they are just pure evil.

Maybe there is something about us that makes them dislike us.

Some of these people are pretty open with their distaste for us.

These are easy to see, and easy to avoid.

But some are very, very clever.

They know in order to do maximum harm, they need to harm the inside of us.

So they seem friendly.

They seem cordial.

And they way they deliver their venom almost seems friendly as well.

But it leaves a bad taste in our brains.

Like a covert, time released insult.

When they do this in front of others, it can be devastating.

Luckily, you can learn to defend against these types.

By understanding the relationship between surface structure language, and deeper intentions.

Not only will this make it much harder on those covert vampires, but it will make it much EASIER to stop the good types.

Learn How:


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