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Long time ago I took a class in basic biology.

We spent some time studying primates.

The class was near a popular zoo, so we could get extra credit to go and watch the chimpanzees and write a kind of observational report.

The professor got us a free entry, so it was pretty cool.

We also spent one class going over the various ways primates mess with each other.

He explained that if you wanted to make a primate agitated, stare at him, make your eyes big and show your teeth.

Throw down an obvious challenge.

On the other hand, if you happened to be wandering out in the jungle and happened across a group of gorillas, doing that would be a very bad idea.

The alpha gorilla would run up to you and smash you.

But if you immediately bowed your head down, and faced the ground, he would recognize it as a sign of submission.

In the middle ages, there were different levels in the human hierarchy.

Their were the kings, the lords, and the serfs working on the farms.

In some areas, and during some times, a serf could choose which noble he served.

These weren't one way relationships.

They were kind of like primitive business relationships.

Your job was to live on the land, grow the food, etc.

If you got attacked, the noble was responsible for defending you.

If your lord decided to go to war against a neighbor, you had to help.

There was a very specific ceremony when you pledged your allegiance to any noble.

You had to kneel before him.

You couldn't wear a hat.

You had to bow your head, and hold your hands together as if in prayer.

The lord would clasp his hands around the outside of yours and squeeze.

On one hand, this seems kind of silly.

Especially from a modern perspective.

But from a human instinctive standpoint, it's very similar to primates like chimps and gorillas.

They live in hierarchies.

We live in hierarchies.

Problems pop up in modern society when we run into people we don't know.

At school, at work, in the club, on the street.

These same dominance instincts exist.

We don't run at each other screaming and beating our chests.

But we do tend to subconsciously project and read signals.

Often how we speak to each other reveals how we really feel about each other.

For most modern humans, these ever present hierarchy games are like water a fish.

Something that is vital to our survival.

But something most rarely notice.

Which means if you can understand and master this subconscious hierarchy based communication, you will gain a HUGE advantage.

Learn How:


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