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Chaos Communication Theory


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I was watching this discussion the other day.

A couple of guys on TV were talking about the problems most people have.

One guy was saying it's because we don't get enough sleep.

Another guy was saying it's because we eat crap food.

Another guy said it was because everybody's broke.

It reminded me of a video series I was watching on differential equations.

A simple example is the predator prey problem.

You've got grass, which is dependent on the rain.

You've got rabbits, which eat the grass.

And you've got foxes, which eat the rabbits.

A change in rain will change the grass, which will change the rabbits, which will change the foxes.

Three of the four variables (foxes, rabbits, grass) are interdependent.

Change one, and you change other three.

But they are also dependent on the rain, which is a function of weather.

Something that super genius humans with super powerful computers have trouble predicting.

This problem, a system of three or more interdependent variables, is what led to the idea of chaos theory.

Of knowing the rules, but at the same time being utterly incapable of using those same rules to predict the future.

They use huge computers to simulate things like the predator-prey problem.

They set the initial conditions, and predict what the system will be like in a year or so.

Then they go back and change those same initial conditions, but by making as tiny changes as they can.

And the result, a year out, is WAY different than the first time.

This is why they can't predict the weather with very much accuracy more than a few days out.

Large trends, sure.

But when and where it will rain, the exact temperature? 

Not a chance.

Now imagine how many variables there are in a large human society.


Many of them interdependent.

Many of them based on human intentions.

Human intentions which change every second.

You're walking down the street, in a good mood.

You smile at a sexy person, and they smile back.

Now you're in a fantastic mood.

But what if you smile at that same pretty person, and they flip you the bird?

Or spit at you?

Now your mood is ruined.

One interaction, out of the hundreds of interactions you have per day.

Talk about chaos theory!

Trying to predict what other people will do is hopeless.

Even worse if your happiness is dependent on other people.

All you can do is improve how you INTERACT with others.

You can't change what they will do.

But you most certainly can change how you can RESPOND to them.

Not just a little.

But a lot.

Learn How:


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