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You'll find chess metaphors everywhere.

Let's say you comeback with a particularly witty comment that silences your opponent.

Later you are describing this to your buddies.

It would be appropriate, and understandable to describe this as "checkmate."

Even if you never play chess, and don't even know the rules, it's still a very appropriate source of many, many metaphors.

Ideas like protecting your king or queen.

Advancing your pawns.

Even the phrase, "only a pawn" is understood.

Somebody that is sacrificed for a larger goal.

King's, Queen's, Knights, Castles, all pieces of chess.

And all characters in ancient medieval battles

Conquering land, winning battles.

Games are very much metaphors for battles.

Because deep within our DNA is a collection of instincts that make us battle ready.

To conspire and battle against large animals.

To conspire and battle against enemy tribes.

So the idea of conspiring and battling on a chess board, or a physical playing field feels very, very familiar.

Even deeper, is we use metaphors in our daily language.

Metaphors that illustrate how we think.

For example, we use plenty of intangible nouns.

Things that don't really exist.

Like when we say we are IN a meeting.

There is really no such thing as a meeting.

It's a shared hallucination, and idea.

But since we think of it as a container, we use the word, "in."

Like we are IN love.

But when we fight, even verbally, we use battle metaphors.

We DEFEND our position.

We OVERCOME objections.

We WIN an argument.

The best chess players think many moves ahead.

The best debaters think many moves ahead.

The mental structure is identical.

If they do this, I can do this, which they may respond by doing this, that, or the other thing.

This works with both chess moves and arguments.

There is also whole school of mathematics surrounding this type of thinking.

Game theory.

This kind of thinking is EXTREMELY useful.

Asking for a raise, passing a job interview, getting agreement on a touchy issue with a spouse, partner, or loved one.

This is something you practice, just like chess.

Luckily, all you need is your brain, and some time alone.

Time to think and imagine, and some raw materials.

What raw materials?

Anything that anybody says.

Real or fictional.

Past or present.

You can practice just like doing push ups or sit ups.

Do a little bit every day, and get stronger and stronger.

Since few people EVER practice verbal skills like this, you'll soon have a huge advantage.

And you'll be able to win every verbal battle you find yourself in.

Learn How:


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