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How To Leverage Self Awareness


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Our self aware minds can be seen as a new instinct generator.

This may seem to be a silly way to look at our brains.

But way back in the early days of pre-human evolution, we pre-humans started migrating around the world.

Every other animal has a bunch of pre-programmed instincts that help it survive in a certain environment.

They have instincts to dictate what they should eat and what they should avoid.

If they make any changes, it takes a very, very long time.

There are couple of related birds in South America.

They used to be the same species.

But for some reason they split.

One ended living on one valley.

Another one in a nearby valley.

After evolving separately for a couple hundred thousand years, their difference?

A slight change in their song.

This is how long it takes most animals to change.

But humans?

We have a meta instinct.

The ability to learn something new, to the point of unconscious competence.

If you have zero training in martial arts, and you get into a fight, it will be very clumsy.

Like those Legislators in Taiwan, that sometimes throw punches.

They are off balance, their punches miss, and they look pretty silly.

This is what happens when you take a basic instinct of self defense, but never practice it.

It looks pretty silly.

But if you take the time to practice?

To take what is instinctive, take it down to the level of conscious competence, and build it up to a much higher level?

It will become deadly.

Take anybody who has trained any length of time, and their punches will be much effective.

Much less chaotic.

But the brainpower will be the same.

Anything practiced to the level of unconscious competence will take very little conscious brainpower.

A black belt throwing a punch will use the same amount of brainpower as an off balance goof throwing an off balance punch.

Both are instincts.

One is old.

One is new.

As humans slowly spread out around the world, we HAD to develop this ability.

To learn new skills to get food, hunt game, and avoid being killed.

Monkeys can only live in the jungle and eat bananas.

Humans can live anywhere and eat anything.

Because we can learn to eat anything.

We can learn to fish, learn to farm, learn to hunt.

This is a never ending skill.

Of using your new instinct generator.

One thing you can continuously improve is how you use language.

With just a few minutes of practice a day.

You can turn what is jumbled up and chaotic for most people into something that is very effective and very deadly.

Learn How:


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