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Exercising is important.

Few, if any, people would say that exercise is NOT important.

Anything related to health is both critical, and easy to ignore.

It's easy ignore because it's usually acceptable.

Meaning even if you have a slight bit of flab overhanging your belt, and you get winded walking up stairs, most of us always have MORE pressing issues.

Money issues, relationship issues, career issues, etc.

Only when health problems get up and in our faces to we take notice.

This is one of the reasons we spend most of our health expenditures in the last few months of our lives.

It is much more complicated, and there are many variables, but health is one thing we always tend to think of in, "I'll worry about it later" terms.

Yet, at the same time, people that slowly build in SOME kind of health related activity find it much more beneficial.

Aside from avoiding negatives, focusing on health brings many, many unexpected positives.

Better sleep, better posture, better confidence, clearer thinking.

People that have taken the time to SLOWLY build in healthy behaviors, like exercise and eating, would never DREAM of quitting.

This is very much a MOMENTUM thing.

It's very, very difficult to switch from a unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle in a couple weeks.

A year or two, yes.

But a week or two, or even a month or two, not so easy.

Which is why you need to ease into it.

Because only when you make healthy behaviors a habit, do you truly see the benefits.

Just as important are mental skills and communication skills.

Both are a function of the other.

The more clearer you can express yourself, the more coherent your thoughts and ideas will be.

Language and thinking are two sides of the same coin.

And they are very much like health.

You don't really recognize the benefits until you take some time SLOWLY building in a daily practice.

But once you DO build in a daily practice, the benefits will be ENORMOUS.

The better you can think and express those thoughts, the more people will WANT what you have.

Your presence, your ideas, your abilities.

But even more importantly, once you spend some time working on thoughts and language, you'll SEE the world much differently.

You'll see more opportunities than most people.

You'll put together things in a way that most people can't.

The best part is you only need to do a few minutes of exercise a day.

To slowly build your thinking and speaking skills.

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