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Everything comes with costs.

This is the unavoidable facet of economics.

It's one reason why economics is called the dismal science.

Everybody loves the idea of free stuff.

Politicians love to promise free stuff.

People love to believe we are entitled to free stuff.

PT Barnum famously said there is a sucker born every minute.

And that we are suckers because we are willing to believe something that is too good to be true.

This is always in the form of getting something that we don't have to pay for.

Not pay for with money, but pay for with time, risk and importantly, something called opportunity costs.

For example, many would LOVE to play guitar like a champ.

Bring it to parties, start strumming some beautiful chords.

Make up a melody off the top of your head.

Impress all the ladies.

But GETTING to that level would take a lot of practice.

Practice is pretty boring.

And while you are practicing, there are tons of things you CAN'T do.

Like play video games.

Watch TV.

Hang out down at the pub.

All these things you CAN'T do are the opportunity costs.

So economics is DISMAL because it FORCES us to confront ALL the costs.

Now, some people are lucky and stumble into success.

For them, the opportunity costs are minimal.

Because they LOVE to practice more than anything else.

But for us normal humans, costs are everywhere.

Even in things normally perceived as PURE benefits.

For example, take spoken language.

This is one thing that we have that all animals don't have.

Associated with spoken language is all the thoughts it is connected to.

This is a fantastic invention.

We are much better off WITH this than without it.

But it does come with some costs.

What are the costs?

By focusing on spoken language, and conscious thoughts, we IGNORE all the stuff going on beneath the surface.

We talk to each other using words.

Those words create conscious thoughts.

But beneath the surface, there is STILL a ton of stuff going on.

Stuff related to intuition, subconscious energy, and a TON of non-verbal communication.

If you ONLY focus on the surface, you are missing a lot.

Luckily, there are some SIMPLE exercises you can do.

To SLOWLY recalibrate your non-verbal energy.

Both how you project it, and how you read it.

Making you much more powerful of a communicator.

Than pretty much everybody else you will ever meet.

The best part?

The best part is two fold.

One, is that few people will ever know about this.

Two is that the more you do these simple exercises, the stronger you'll get.

And the more of an advantage you'll have.

Get Started:


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