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Plenty of movies have magic mixed in with martial arts.

Ideas like wearing blindfolds and blocking tennis balls.

Plenty of movie characters are blind, but are very skilled fighters.

Daredevil is one popular character.

Another is the guy named "Hundred Eyes" which is the Kung Fu super genius from the Marco Polo series on Netflix.

When Luke Skywalker was training, part of it was to use his lightsaber, along with the Force, while blindfolded.

The leap from martial arts to being a blind assassin is not a big leap.

Especially in movie fights, where they stretch the limits of believability.

Why do we like these kinds of characters so much?

The are right on the boundary between magic and reality.

Even a guy like Hundred Eyes has skills we believe are achievable.

If you had plenty of time, and plenty of training equipment and coaches, we believe, (or we very much LIKE to believe) that is possible.

On the other hand, watching movies like Harry Potter is much more pure fantasy.

It's one thing to FANTASIZE about finding a magic wand.

That is something that is cool, but not really possible.

But watching somebody like Daredevil or Hundred Eyes, we don't see that QUITE the same as magic.

If we saw somebody in real life with a real magic wand, that would probably make our brains melt.

But if we saw a guy like Hundred Eyes do a demo, we wouldn't have a melted brain.

We'd have an astonished brain.

We wouldn't think he was magic.

We would assume that he has spent a lot of time practicing his natural abilities.

Things that we COULD do given the right circumstances.

On the other hand, if a bunch of people from the Middle Ages popped into our reality, they WOULD believe a lot of this stuff was magic.

And their brains WOULD melt.

The reason that we respond so strongly to movie characters that have very powerful fighting skills is WE wish WE had very powerful fighting skills.

Let's face it, the world is filled with messed up people doing messed up things.

We WISH we had a magic wand we could use to secretly do things to bad people.

But there is a WHOLE WORLD going on that most people don't even notice.

Don't even recognize.

The kind of communication that is ALWAYS going back and forth between people.

Most people only see the words.

Only think about the words.

What's going on BENEATH the words is much more powerful.

Much more deadly.

Master this realm, and people WILL think you are magic.

Learn How:


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