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There's a very corny line from a lot of martial arts movies.

That you learn any particular martial arts not because you want to fight.

But because you don't want to.

With a little bit of thought, this makes perfect sense.

The more you prepare to fight, the less likely you'll get into a fight.

If you knew you were very weak, and couldn't throw a punch to save your life, you would project a certain kind of non-verbal energy.

Most of us don't think in terms of non verbal energy.

We are either too nervous, because we're in an unfamiliar social situation.

Or we are relaxed and around friends.

When you are relaxed and around friends, you don't tend to notice body languages since you're comfortable.

That's the whole draw of being around friendly, familiar people.

You don't worry about what they think about you.

That's why they are your friends.

So paying attention to body language is not an issue.

But when you're in a social environment, it's much different.

Especially when some of those strangers are people you would very much like to get to know.

This tends to shift your thinking way on the other side of the spectrum.

When you're with your friends, you are not worried at all what they think.

So you don't bother to worry about silly things like body language and other non verbal communication.

In social situations, most of us are overly worried about what they DO think about us.

So we are too worried to relax and read their body language.

But whether we are measuring it or not, it is always there.

If you were to study two groups of pictures, one with groups of friends, one with groups of strangers, it would be very EASY to tell them apart.

This non-verbal energy is what changes when you practice defensive arts.

When you are overly worried, you project a certain non-verbal energy.

When you are relaxed and confident, you project a certain non-verbal energy.

Muggers and pickpockets, who make a living stealing from people, are EXPERTS at choosing the right targets.

Manipulators, con artists and gaslighters are also experts at choosing the right targets.

When you practice physical martial arts, you'll project strength and confidence.

Muggers and pickpockets will want nothing to do with you.

Kind of like putting a large alarm sign in front of your house.

Or a sign that says: "Proud Pitbull Owner."

This is to deter all would-be thieves.

When you practice the arts of verbal defense, it also changes your energy.

So gaslighters, manipulators and con artists will want NOTHING to do with you.

Learn How:


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