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A long, long time ago, I took a class in differential equations.

We had learned a very simple, and very elegant way to solve equations.

Except I couldn't quite wrap my mind around it.

I had to rely on old school techniques.

More like brute force techniques.

After one test, the professor wrote a note on my test.

I had gotten a decent score, so he couldn't quite criticize me.

But I got the feeling he was messing with me nonetheless.

One of those things that seems like a compliment but is really a covert insult.

The whole purpose of the test was to demonstrate this new, elegant, problem solving technique.

I didn't do that.

I used old school, brute force methods.

He wrote something to the effect that I was a good "soldier."

That I was busily in the trenches using some very powerful "hand to hand combat" techniques.

Since this was the LAST math class I would ever have to take, and the semester was nearly over, I just let it slide.

But this type of thing happens quite a lot.

We hang on to old school, hand to hand combat techniques.

When there is much subtler, much more powerful techniques.

The other night I watched this documentary on business scams.

They hire pretty much anybody.

And put them out on the street selling junk.

The offer very little training.

From a corporate standpoint, this is a pretty good model.

Spend a little bit of money making crap products.

Hire anybody with a pulse to sell them.

Pay them ONLY commissions.

The company only needs to collect whatever profits they make.

They don't really care if 80% of their "salespeople" wash out.

These companies are like those fish that eat half their babies.

If you are too slow, you don't deserve to live.

From an individual's standpoint, you CAN make money.

But you need TONS of hustle.

TONS of energy.

TONS of "fake" charisma.

All very old school, hand to hand combat, brute force techniques.

Any time you have to consciously CREATE a bunch of charisma and motivation and energy, it's not very efficient.

It's hard to maintain, and it never lasts.

Luckily, there is a much more elegant way.

One that makes any kind of EXTERNAL game much more natural.

Much more efficient.

Much more effective.

It requires you do some simple daily exercises.

Safely in your home.

Safely in your brain.

The more you do these exercises, the LESS you'll need to worry about any kind of outer game.

You'll just need to show up.

And let your inner game do all the work.

Learn How:


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