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One of the things that pops up if you study or teach language is the difference between recognition and production.

Recognition is easy.

You can hear somebody else speak, and know what they mean.

But it would be much harder for somebody to spontaneously speak those same words.

Going from thoughts to words is much more difficult than hearing words and then turning them into thoughts.

But this happens far beyond language.

We hear a word, and we know what it means.

When we are talking about tangible nouns, like dogs or cheeseburgers or cement trucks, it's pretty simple.

You hear the word, "dog" and you think of a dog.

But this also works with intangible nouns and metaphors.

This is when we can run into problems.

The self help area is FILLED with these metaphors and intangible nouns.

We hear them, and we KNOW kind of what they mean.

But only in a "When I see it I'll know it" kind of way.

Not in a "how can I create it" kind of way.

This is one reason why the self-help industry is a BILLION dollar industry.

Just like the weight loss industry is a BILLION dollar industry.

If it were EASY to lose weight, people would do it.

They wouldn't keep buying weight loss product after weight loss product.

Both the weight loss industry and the self help industry have a few things in common.

One is they are filled with rational SOUNDING advice.

What's missing is how SPECIFICALLY are you supposed to APPLY that advice.

Eating fewer calories than you burn everyday is NOT complicated.

Doing that consistently IS.

Plenty of advice in self help is like this.

We hear the advice a ton of times.

We even say it ourselves tons of times.

But it's only in a recognition sort of way.

Not in a production sort of way.

We can see it, we can sort of imagine it, we can say it.

But it's very, very hard to do it.

One of the most common ideas that falls under this category is one of FRAME.

With a strong enough frame, you can sell anything to anybody.

With a strong enough frame, you can seduce anybody.

With a strong enough frame, you can get anybody to do anything.

What's missing is how, EXACTLY do you CREATE this mysterious thing called, "frame"?

Turns out there is a step by step method to do just that.

Start on the inside.

And then express it on the outside.

Step by step.

Learn How:


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