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I've always been a huge science geek.

Way back in Junior High school, I was actually a member of a science book of the month club.

I'd read all kinds of books on quantum physics, relativity, etc.

Of course, all the math had been stripped out and they were more like philosophy-science than anything difficult.

Ever since the dawn of time, humans have been trying to figure out why and how stuff works.

The more stuff you understand, the more stuff you can do.

Nobody could go to the moon until they understood enough of the science.

Some science, even though it's mathematically simple, is hard for us to wrap our monkey brains around.

Like Einstein's famous equation.

The one that says energy and matter are essentially the SAME thing.

It's where nuclear energy comes from.

You got a nucleus.

You split it in half.

You weigh both halves, and they add up to LESS than the original amount.

The matter has been converted to energy.

This is hard for our brains to wrap around.

We look around and we see a bunch of stuff.

When this stuff is MOVING, the two things together are energy.

But at the quantum level, stuff IS energy.

This is only something we humans have been capable of understanding in the last couple hundred years.

Language is another curious thing.

Most of us don't think much about it.

We have these random thoughts, that we spit out with random words.

We hear somebody else speaking.

Their words go into our brains and create thoughts.

Our thoughts make more words that go over into their brain.

This cycle keeps going.

Most of the time, it's completely out of our conscious awareness.

Sure, we KNOW we are having a conversation.

We KNOW the stuff we are talking about.

But it's kind of like walking down to the 7-11 to buy a box of frozen burritos.

You KNOW where you are going.

You KNOW why you are going.

But HOW you are going isn't something you think about.

You just kind of point your brain in that direction, and away you go.

But people who study language know there IS a connection between thoughts and words.

And that by learning to pay attention to the structure of language, you can understand the structure of thought.

Yours and that of others.

Kind of like quantum physics for your brain.

How can you use this technology?

Any way you want.






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