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In sales there is an idea of the laydown.

A customer who puts up zero resistance.

They walk in and say they are thinking buying one of your products.

You give a short presentation or demo, and boom.

Bob's your Uncle.

"Sounds great!" They say, pulling out their credit card.

A similar experience happens with dating.

But since dating is much more complicated, and subconscious, we tend to use more complex metaphors.

For sales, it's easy.

Since the buyer was easy to persuade, you can use metaphors to describe the buyer.

One reason is you see tons of customers all day.

Or like once when I went to get a haircut.

I just wanted a buzz, so it was easy.

They lady looked at me and said:

"Customers like you are easy money."

That's pretty blatant.

But it's also true.

With sales and customers, there are plenty of metaphorical labels that essentially describe the same thing.

Doing very little work to get money from the customer.

Even customers know this.

They often refer to themselves as being "easy."

But dating and relationships are much different.

Very few people date like they sell things to customers.

So the metaphors are much different.

They are generally not used to describe the person, but the experience.

To the extent they DO describe the person, they are somewhat derogatory.

She's an easy lay.

He's got deep pockets.

When we are NOT being derogatory, we describe the experience of meeting people.

The experience of getting to know people.

Usually in terms of losing time.

Or how well we "click" together.

Even Einstein understood this.

He described relativity in terms how the BEST way to pass time, and the WORST way to pass time.

Times moves very slowly when you are sitting on a hot stove.

Times moves very quickly when you are sitting with a pretty girl.

In both sales dating, there are a lot of metaphors that indicate it's very much OUT of our control.

In both dating and sales, they say it's a numbers game.

The more shots on goal you take, the higher your chances of scoring.

The more you keep putting people in your sales funnel, the more sales you'll get coming out the bottom.

But this assumes that both the salesperson and the relationships seeker don't have much persuasion technology.

Other than to say, "Here's the product, what do you think?"

Or "Here I am, what do you think?"

But it turns out there is a very easy to significantly INCREASE the value of what they think.

About you or your product.

Learn How:


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