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When I was a kid me and my buddies liked to play Jedi.

I was in elementary school when the very first Star Wars came out.

I saw a TV show where they showed how they made the sound for the blasters.

They would hit telephone cables with a wrench.

Those really thick metal cables that connect the poles to the ground.

If you hit them with a wrench, the vibration sounds will make the original Star Wars blaster sound.

As soon as me and my buddies saw that, we'd take a wrench out of our garages, ride bikes all over town to find and hit those cables.

Another way was with those doors at the supermarket that open automatically.

Perfect for pretending to be a Jedi as a kid.

We never could really figure out how to levitate stuff.

But even better than levitating things was doing the Jedi mind trick.

Telling somebody what to do, waving your hand, and them mindlessly doing it.

This is a VERY sought skill.

It's one reason why so many people LOVE the idea of hypnosis.

Especially conversational hypnosis.

The idea of getting people to do whatever you want without resistance is pretty powerful.

This is actually why conversational hypnosis was invented in the first place.

Before conversational hypnosis, there was old school, direct hypnosis.

Watch this watch while I count down from ten.

You are getting sleepier and sleepier.

Your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier.

This works pretty good in the movies.

But it turns out that when people go to get hypnotized for real, it's not so easy.

Not a lot of people are willing to let some stranger monkey around in their brain while they're knocked out.

It takes a while to get comfortable enough.

This is why Milton Erickson created covert hypnosis.

He wanted to knock them out much quicker.

So he invented the storytelling type of hypnosis.

Purposely confusing stories.

These kind of went in the opposite direction.

People were expected to be told to relax, close their eyes, etc.

Instead, Dr. Erickson would start telling these stories.

But they were purposely complex and vague.

So much that their conscious minds pretty much said:

Forget it. 

I give up.

I'm outta here.

Another way to get around the getting-comfortable-with-the-hypnotist problem was the idea of fractionation.

Of putting somebody into and out of hypnosis several times on one session.

Turns out you can find fractionation in many, many places.

And it's pretty easy to use on many, many people.

That's just one of the ways you can apply this deep persuasion technique.

Learn More:


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