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What makes a classic movie?

Nobody really knows.

It's one of those things we all know when we see it.

But if anybody could make on purposely, they would.

Even decent movies vs. crappy movies.

We all agree, more or less, which movies are really good, and which ones are really crappy.

Sure, we disagree on the so-so movies.

But classic movies like, "The Godfather," or "Citizen Kane," are pretty unanimous.

Few people would watch "The Godfather," and say:

"Yeah, that movie sucked."

Nobody would ever watch "Howard The Duck," and think that they'd just seen the next classic of the ages.

But the weird thing is that while we can all agree that movies like "The Godfather," are awesome, and movies like "Howard The Duck," pretty much suck, nobody can CREATE something that is awesome.

For every Godfather, there are tons of movies that suck.

But while they were making those movies, they all thought they were going to be awesome.

Nobody makes a crappy movie on purpose.

Even Al Pacino, when he was making The Godfather, thought HE sucked.

He admitted that while they were filming the movie, he kept having self doubts.

He thought people would see him, think he sucked as an actor, and that would be that.

All this is due to the simple idea that things we value, we value SUBJECTIVELY.

If somebody told you to make a cube made out of a certain mix of metal, and had a certain density and set of measurements, it would be easy.

You wouldn't create it, measure all the dimensions, and hand it off to your boss thinking, "Gee I hope his scale measures weight the same way my scale does!"

That would be silly!

We all like good things.

But it's equally hard to CREATE good things.

One common idea in marketing is "you are not your market."

If you absolutely LOVE peanut butter sandwiches, and can't live without them, that doesn't mean you'd be successful opening up a peanut butter sandwich restaurant.

One common reason most businesses fail is they are too attached to THEIR OWN idea of success.

To the extent you can be absolutely OBEDIENT to the demands of the market, you'll be successful.

This is also why we all have a deep fear of expressing what WE subjectively like and want.

We KNOW everybody is else might have a different opinion.

We a movie, we think it's awesome, and can't wait to tell everybody.

But then we read some online reviews and find out that everybody else on the planet think it absolutely sucked.

So we tend to keep our opinions to ourselves.

This means that everybody is FILLED with opinions, desires and fantasies that they are DYING to share.

If you help them express them, expand them and validate them, they'll do ANYTHING for you.

Learn How:


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