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Many things can be seen from two completely different perspectives.

Once I was with a bunch of friends.

We'd just sat down in a restaurant, and were looking over at the menu.

My friend noticed that his water glass was different than all the rest.

Same size, but a slightly different shape.

He immediately took this to mean that something was wrong with him.

Of course, he was only being about 5% serious.

But this is a common response whenever we are singled out for any reason.

Another friend was quick with the helpful reframe.

"That doesn't mean you are worse than everybody, that means you are better than everybody!"

Both can be equally correct.

We can be singled out because there is something wrong with us.

Or we can be singled out because we are special in some way.

Our brains are quick with these kinds of reframes.

We can turn bugs into features, and features into bugs.

Usually very quickly and subconsciously.

This may indeed be a deep human instinct.

A necessary human instinct.

Way back in the day, in order to get our daily calories, we had to put in a lot of effort.

And a lot of that effort was of the trial and error kind.

Of chasing an animal, or several animals, a long time before we caught and killed it.

Or shaking a bunch of trees before we got enough bananas to eat.

We are pretty good with doing this with ourselves.

Turning failures into positives.

We kind of suck at doing this with others.

Especially when it comes to people who are naturally gifted.

Nowadays, there's a lot of ideas associated with some kind of "privilege."

That some people, by their lucky virtue of genetics, have it easy.

And the rest of us normal goofs have to work harder.

But this is also something you can easily reframe.

People that are exceptionally attractive, for example, DO have it easy.

Studies have shown this.

But only in some situations.

The situations that call for deep intellect, long game planning, effective conversational and social skills, these are not associated with super gorgeous people.

Because super gorgeous folks rarely feel any need to develop any of those deep traits.

Super gorgeous people just show up, and by virtue of their gorgeousness, they can get their feet into doors most of us can't.

But that's all they can do.

Get their foot into a door, stand on the other side of that door, and look pretty.

But with some very targeted conversational skills, you can make yourself much more attractive, from a subconscious energy standpoint, than the most gorgeous person on Earth.

You can BUILD your own halo effect as big as you want.

With whomever you want.

Learn How:


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