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The first job I ever had was the one of the most fun.

It was at movie theater.

Lots of high school and college kids.

Working the counters on Friday and Saturday nights was pretty fun.

People waiting in line, on dates or with friends.

Buying junk food and looking forward to a couple hours of relaxing entertainment.

Everybody in a good mood.

People happy to buy, and people happy to sell.

When little kids go door to door to sell stuff, it's kind of the same situation.

Since they don't feel a connection with sales and survival, it's much more playful.

Even if they are competing to see who can sell the most raffle tickets or whatever, it's still pretty fun.

Most people don't yell a little kids selling things for a decent cause.

So even if they get "rejected," the "rejectors" are pretty friendly about it.

And the "rejectees" don't see much of a difference between a sale and a rejection.

It's still an enjoyable interaction with another friendly human.

An interesting concept from economics is that nobody will trade anything unless they believe they are getting more than they are giving.

So when people buy popcorn, candy, and soda on a Friday night, they WANT the popcorn and candy and soda MORE than the money they are paying for it.

So they are happier AFTER they exchange.

When they are walking toward the theater with an armful of delicious junk food.

If they are with a date, even better.

If they have an expectation of seeing a popular movie, even more better.

IF humans didn't love buying things, nobody would ever invent anything.

If we weren't highly social animals, we wouldn't be compelled to live in large cities.

Situations like selling popcorn to happy people on Friday night are enjoyable because EVERYTHING is aligned.

It's a pure desire satisfaction exchange.

Even kids selling raffle tickets door to door is a pretty well aligned desire satisfaction exchange.

People might not want to buy any raffle tickets, but most normal adults enjoy talking to normal kids.

Especially normal kids that are out trying to do something worthwhile.

The entire human experience is based on these positive desire-exchanges.

Everything we do is to get MORE of the positive desire-exchanges.

Everybody has within their brain an endless collection of these desires they'd like to fulfill.

So if you can figure out a way to get them talking about those desires, in rich detail, they'll never, ever forget you.

And they'll be willing to do nearly anything to keep that feeling alive.

Learn How:


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