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If you've ever tried the willpower diet, you know it's nearly impossible.

Because dieting is so hard for so many, we are pretty much suckers for any shortcut idea.

These shortcut ideas are all the same.

More benefits, with less effort.

I get spam emails all the time.

One I've been getting lately is about the ice cream diet.

Or something like that.

The first few lines are about some woman who ate all the ice cream she wanted and still lost weight.

Even spam emails use some pretty good copywriting tricks.

The idea of telling a story.

Of a normal person (like us) who found some weird trick and got what everybody wants.

One of the techniques in copywriting is to create curiosity.

Curiosity about the product.

Curiosity about the story.

Curiosity about whether it will work for us.

Funny thing is buying goofy things like this is an instinct in itself.

Or at least a collection of instincts.

Curiosity, getting more benefits with less cost, even the sugary taste of ice cream.

And the imagined future when we've lost weight and look good.

We will become more attractive, and hopefully get more sex.

All instincts.

The will power diet, on the other hand, is an example of pitting our conscious minds against our ancient instincts.

Instincts will win, every single time.

That's why willpower is the WORST possible strategy.

The only strategy is to understand all your instincts.

And carefully pitting them against each other.

This is essentially the secret strategy of gym rats.

Not likely conscious, but it's there.

Once they are in the gym, there is tons of social proof.

The reason they are in the gym is to get a better body.

For guys to impress the ladies, and for the ladies to impress the guys.

And the more they go, the more they leverage commitment and consistency.

Another instinct is our deep need for competition.

All the dudes are competing for the best ladies by trying to be the best looking dude.

All the ladies are competing for the best dudes by trying to be the best looking lady.

When you point your instincts at your target, you'll have a much better chance of getting it.

An even BETTER way? 

Cleverly point somebody else's instincts at your target.

Pointing your own instincts at a target will get rid of the need for will power.

But pointing somebody else's instincts at a target will get rid of the need for doing any work.

Since THEIR instincts will be pointed at YOUR target, they'll do whatever it takes to get there.

You just need to go along for the ride.

Learn How:


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